Introducing the 2004 Minnesota Autosports Club Novice Autocross School


Dates:  Saturday, April 17 at Dunwoody Technical Institute, Minneapolis, in the Skogmo Room

            Sunday, April 18 at the Midway Stadium parking lot, St. Paul. (Home of the Saints!)


Time to think Autocrossing everyone!  MAC will once again be hosting a 2 day school intended for NOVICE ONLY autocrossers who want to learn more about the sport, how to get started, what to bring, how to prepare, how an event is conducted, how to get the most from your driving experience, and more! 


This is a 2 part school;  Part 1 will be a classroom session at Dunwoody Technical Institute, starting at 9:00 AM and lasting approximately 4 hours.  Here you will learn about Autocrossing preparation, techniques, rules, classing, event conduct, and much more.  You will also be given a demonstration of the Technical Inspection which is performed on each car before every event.  We will also inspect the students’ cars for the next day’s event, so make sure that your car is empty of ALL loose items (including in the trunk), battery well secured (no bungee cords), everything working as it should. Attendance at part 1 is REQUIRED for participation in part two.


Part 2 is at Midway Stadium parking lot.  This will start at 8:00 am and will run until approximately 4:00.  Consistent with Autocross events, it is a rain or shine event.  Here we run through a mock autocross event.  A course will be set up, and volunteer driving instructors will be on hand to ride along with you.  You will participate in course walking, mental preperation, driving techniques, event operation, corner working, and timing and scoring.  This is where you will jump in and drive your car to the limit! We will provide lunch for all participants, during which time there will be an opportunity for questions and answers.


No special vehicle is required.  Bring your daily driver!  (Due to the nature of this sport, SUV’s and tall trucks will not be allowed to run.)  A helmet will be required.  Snell rated 1995 and newer only, DOT only rating it not adequate.  (You will find an Orange Snell sticker under the lining to confirm the rating.)  Beg, borrow or steal one if you can.  If you cannot obtain one, loaners will be made available, but they are few in numbers and you will be asked to share throughout the day.


The cost you ask?  Only $45.00 for the entire school, including lunch on Sunday.  (Checks are payable to the Minnesota Autosports Club)  This is an opportunity to see what Autocrossing is all about before committing to an event.  You can take advantage of many experienced and skilled drivers, and go into your first event with a clear advantage!  Oh yeah, we will have some fun too!


The school is limited to the first 50 people to register.  You will soon find registration forms on the MAC website, (, or register online at  Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month at Parrish’s Supper club, 2176 West St, St Paul.  You do not need to be a member to attend. Registration will be handled by Paul Weidner. ( 


For additional information, please contact:

Patrick Washburn  ( 715-675-9931 home; 715-355-8842 Office

Paul Weidner (

Lee Frisvold (


Thanks and see you there!!