Drivers Meeting Agenda

1. Waiver Has everyone signed the waiver? Everyone tech'ed and registered?

2. Location of Trash & Restrooms - Leave the site cleaner than when you came

3. Speed limits 5/15 mph rule. No Tire Warming! Use discretion leaving facility.

4. Other Concerns about the site ______________________________________________________



Course / Event

1. Marshalling - Marshalling route. SINGLE driver land left or right. TWO driver lane left or right

2. # RUNS - __________ runs per group

3. Numbers on your car - If timing & scoring can't read your number, you will not get times posted. If they can't read your class, you will be put in SI.

4. Driver Instructional Runs - if you run you must tear down. Only cars and drivers registered for the event may do DIR's.

5. Trophies will be handed out at the end of the day after the course has been cleaned up. Please help to distribute the work load.



Pylon Dance

1. Pylon hit but still standing in box is safe. Signal with baseball SAFE signal
2. Pylon knocked over or out of box - Raise your arm and point to offending vehicle. (Fix pylon)
3. Missed gate is a DNF (Did Not Finish). Signal with crossed arms over head
4. Off-course (in the grass-SCTC only). 3 wheels off=DNF. Replace your divots.
5. Re-Run - signal that driver qualifies for re-run with circular motion of one arm above your head.
6. Always watch for cars on the course. If not enough time to re-set a pylon - DON'T!
7. Never, ever sit while you are out on the course (unless you are the driver)
8. Anyone with a camera needs to have a spotter with them.



Run Groups

1. _________ Run Groups (see below)

2. Working. All entrants are required to work. If you do not work you will get a DNW (Did not work) for times

3. Be at your work station ASAP. Course workers should spread out for full coverage. No big groups in one spot.


Run Groups

2 Run Groups - Run, Work, Lunch. Run, Work (for small turnouts)

Group 1 - SI (Special Interest) and all Street Tire

Group 2 - Everyone Else


3 Run Groups - Run, Work, Play (Mid size turnouts)

Group 1 - runs first, works during group 2, rests for Group 3

Group 2 - rests while Group 1 is out on course, runs second, works during group 3

Group 3 - works first (during group 1), rests during Group 2 runs, then runs last


4 Run Groups - Run, Rest, Work, Rest (This is the one MAC uses most of the time)

Group 1 - runs first, rests during Group 2, Works during Group 3, Rests during group 4

Group 2 - Rests during Group 1, run, rest during Group 3, works during Group 4

Group 3 - Work during Group 1, rest during group 2, run, rest during group 4

Group 4 - rest during Group 1, work during Group 2, rest during group 3, run


Projected Run Groups:

1 = Stock, SI, X

2 = Street Prepared Street Tire, PRO

3 = Prepared, Mod, Street Prepared

4= Stock Street Tire