Work Assignments (Excel Format here)
Group ______

Name(s) of Volunteers

(1) Start Marshal:
Send cars out one at a time onto the course. You will be in direct radio contact wih the timing offical to relay the next car number going out onto the course.


(1) Finish Marshal:
Report into the penalty official via radio the car number that just finished as well as any penalties (example 2 pylons or DNF or ReRun)
The Finish Marshal also fills in an Excel Formatted Penalty sheet for each vehicle


(1) Timing Official:
The timing official enters in the car number from the start marshal. If the penalty official holds up cars the timing official tells the start marshal to hold up sending cars onto the course.


(1) Penalty Official:
The penalty official enters in the car number and penalty that the finish marshal reports via radio.


(3-5) Pylon/Penalty Counter:
3 to 5 are needed per run group. Each pylon / penalty counter watches a car that is out on course to count pylons that have been knocked out of the box or knocked over. Also to watch if the car has gone off couse (DNF) or if the car needs a ReRun.




(1) Course Worker Captain:
Make sure everyon in your run group gets out to work as quickly as possible. This allows everyone to get back on course as quickly as possible.


Course Worker:
Out on the course at a safe distance from the driving area this position is required if you do not have any other work assignment. Place pylons back in the box if they get knocked out and report to thepylon counter which car hit it.

Everyone else in the run group