Reference Sources

SCCA Solo II Novice Autocrossing Handbook by Kate Hughes,, hosted by Tire Rack.



Secrets of Solo Racing; Henry A. Watts, Motorbooks International, ISBN 0-9620573-1-2. My personal favorite. Full of great information on how to get started, and how to get faster! Very practical, with subtle humour throughout that makes the book a very enjoyable read.

How to Make Your Car Handle; Fred Puhn, HP Books, ISBN nnn. Outstanding book to start learning how to evaluate and modify performance suspensions.

Winning Autocross SOLO II Competition; Richard Turner & J.B. Miles, Turner Design, ISBN nnn. A good technical overview of Autocross driving. The tone of the book is very serious and filled with opinions stated as absolutes, but still a good addition to the library.

Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving; Bob Bondurant with John Blakemore, Motorbooks International, ISBN 0-87938-751-3. A little too much of a biography of Bob Bondurant and his school (Whaddya know - Paul Williams drives race cars!), but still a good read. Some outstanding photos that display what other books only talk about.

Grassroots Motorsports Outstanding magainze dedicated to amateur motorsports. A must-have subscription! 904.673.4148, email at or or see their web site at

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The Tire Rack Home Page, with references to their SOLO II series sponsorship

SCCA Solo II Novice Autocrossing Handbook by Kate Hughes,, hosted by Tire Rack.

McKamey Autocross School

Solo II Course Design Booklet